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Honey processed coffee produced by Contreras Brothers

Peach aromas, sweet frangipane and tropical fruit. 

Our Honey Glory Colombian coffee is a glorious, single origin experimental espresso featuring our seasonal direct trade coffee from Contreras Brothers.

Andrés and José Heider Contreras’ family business produces quality, honey processed coffee from the Department of Huila, Colombia.

You can expect coffee of Colombia to be among the sweetest in the world, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

bold sweet and fruity alternative to our seminal coffee from the same region, Honey Glory really highlights the influence the alternative processing methods can make on coffee, when farmers and importers work together collaboratively.

Enjoy this Colombian coffee as an espresso or filter brew, roasted right here in Bristol by the Odd Kin fam!

Process: Honey Glory
Region: Huila Department, Colombia
Altitude: 1,689 MASL (metres above sea level)
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Tasting Notes: Peach aromas, sweet frangipane and tropical fruit
Coffee Sizes: 250g or 1kg
Brew: Espresso, filter


🇨🇴 A bit more about this Colombian coffee:

This coffee is a collaborative effort between Right Side Coffee and the Contreras Brothers of the department of Huila.

Honey Glory showcases their experimental processing work, in this example, creating a wonderfully fruity sweet coffee, with great depth of flavour.

Right Side Coffee shares our passion for establishing direct relationships with coffee producers.

After observing a lack of standardisation within existing Honey processes, and the impact this could have on a region’s specific flavour profile, they set about establishing experimental drying and fermentation infrastructures within the regions they support